The “scientist”, the grandfather of Cannabis Research, Dr Raphael Mechoulam has been a pioneer for 50+ years in unravelling some of the secrets of the Cannabis plant. On where to find Premium CBD Oils . The discovery of THC then CBD led finally to the discovery of the bodies own endocannabinoid system!
Many doctors wordwide are undertaking ongoing research where more discoveries are made each year on this versatile plant.
Could there be some truth in why many extole the benefits of the plant? An old wive’s tale? See for yourself … and make up your own mind

8m23s: THC, the active compound
9m00s: The special cake!
13m20s: Indications that the plant has been used for many thousands of years
14m40s: Epilepsy
15m30s: Cannabidiol, (CBD)
23m35s: Finding endocannabinoids
27m30s: Anandamide
31m00s: Endocannabinoid System
33m29s: For children’s use?
37m00s: The entourage effect
38m47s: The endocannabinoid system
47m30s: NIH sponsors Grandfather of Cannabis Research for 40+ years
50m00s: Reproductive pain
50m52s: Motor neurone research
53m09s: Can cannabis cure cancer?
55m07s: A dream ….
56m23s: Cannabis and old age
58m44s: Crazy speculation
1h00m40s: Chronological history

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We would like to thank Y.Klinik Productions and Fundacion CANNA for their kind permissions in allowing us to use their film.
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