I do not advocate for this lifestyle, I personally only do this kinda shit to numb the pain and force novelty. I actually had to attempt this combo twice to even be able to describe the effects well enough to make a video. 5 days ago during my first attempt I slammed through 6 bottles of mike’s hard strawberry lemonade while playing Madden 21 while hitting my orange cookies delta 8 thc vape and after I was done drinking I moved over to the couch to watch Onward on Disney plus. I wasn’t even able to get noticeably stoned because my disposable vape ran out of juice shortly after I started watching Onward, so at best I was just drunk and my attention span was shot, at the start of the night I couldn’t really bring myself to keep the movie going. I went to the backyard shed to sing to myself and take my mind off of things because I was really starting to crave DXM and was trying to prevent my tipsy ass from biking to the store and getting some. Fuck mixing DXM with Alcohol anyway. Once I moved past my cravings I ended up back inside and after realizing there was nothing else I really wanted to do, I ended up putting the movie back on and finishing it, and once my ass sobered up slightly I ordered doordash from mcdonald’s at 11 p.m. and ate a burger in my bed while watching YouTube. Now yesterday, or 5 days after my first crossfade attempt that got ruined due to me running out of my highest strength delta 8 vape juice I was finally able to actually get crossed. I had bought a new blue dream delta 8 thc vape that was actually slightly stronger than the orange cookies one and honestly I didn’t go into that day wanting to get crossfaded. It was my day off and I originally wanted to try yellow kratom to see if I ended up with more euphoria than the green strains and could squeeze a video out from it. After me taking yellow kratom during the afternoon gave me no euphoria or tiredness or really any noticeable feeling whatsoever, I was really itching to actually get loaded. I biked to the liquor store at 8 p.m. to get some mike’s hard strawberry lemonade again and maybe I’m just obsessive but I actually started this crossfade attempt by playing Madden 21 just like the last time. However I was actually too nervous to start vaping and I rationalized that I needed to drink all of my strawberry lemonade first. I didn’t end up playing Madden 21 for long because a subscriber and one of my friends call me on discord and once the call started I finally started hitting this vape as often as I could. My anxiety was completely gone for awhile until I started voiding. It did take me quite a few hits to get to this point but a little after 11 p.m. I started voiding and thinking in paradoxes and that’s when I got a little anxious. But in my head every time something started feeling a little bit like death I rationalized my way out of with the statement “with all that I’ve been through do you really think I care if I’m dying”. And I just vibed continuing to try and do what I do normally and was actually able to distract myself while voiding. I even recorded the gameplay you’re seeing right now while crossed as fuck in a discord call, because I thought it would be interesting to add to this video. There was one point at 11:30 or so where since I was starting to get really stoned but noticing the alcohol effects less I kept wanting to bike to the gas station to get more alcohol. I was 100% ready to do this and even went outside but while I was outside I was voiding pretty hard at that point and monologuing to myself saying shit like “I’m just finding creative ways to avoid repetition”. So the second I realized I didn’t have my mask I absolutely noped the fuck back inside and didn’t attempt to bike to the store after that. While voiding when I was doing stuff like using the restroom and didn’t have distractions I was able to play music in my head to help which is weird because normally while voiding especially in the past, I’d have a cascade of terrifying uncontrollable thoughts, but this time I was able to pick and choose a single thought stream like just playing a song and it distracted and calmed me down whenever I started to get panicky. After starting back up the Discord call I ended it at a little after midnight and attempted to go to sleep. I remember my short term memory also got worse and worse later into the night, and other than that my thought patterns got a lot more indescribable while attempting to fall asleep and I even had very subtle closed eye hallucinations of shifting and morphing geometric patterns of eyes. It was very subtle but I could feel and very slightly see that they were there. And after falling asleep I woke up in a pool of sweat but writing this script the day after I can confidently say that I didn’t have a hangover and feel completely normal so honestly I’m pretty happy about that.


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