How do I make a CBD Facemask? Probably a question you have never asked, but hey we are publishing this on 420 – under weird circumstances. The world is getting to know what Gogglebox is like living it for real.

Its Rona2020 and our CBD team at Vape and Juice TV have put together a short video on how to use CBD for your skin.

If you have never tried CBD and you are in an ever diminishing group of people, then why not explore how it’s more than just reefers and reggae. There is a growing body of anecdotal evidence suggesting it can help with skin complaints and well, we had nothing better to do on an afternoon so put this together.

If you want to know if CBD can improve your skin, or whether it can fit in your skincare regime, why not try it out for yourself. Its 420 and maybe now it’s blemish free.

We want to thank our video channel sponsor Vape and Juice for making these videos possible and here’s a discount code you can use online at their CBD shop section: VAJTV15

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