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The Fury Edge vaporizer is an update on the already popular Fury 2. The battery lasts longer, it has a ton of attachments and delivers some good vapor in a small package.

In this review video we go over the pros of the Fury Edge which include: the fast heatup time, the big clouds you can pull from it, its efficiency, the USB-C charging, the performance of the capsules and its size.

We also go over a few of the cons which are: the lack of pass-through charging, the temp/harshness of the vapor compared to more expensive vaporizers and the lack of removeable battery.

We also show you exactly how the Fury Edge vaporizer works and how to clean the Fury Edge vaporizer.

It’s an awesome vaporizer that comes in at a low price point. You’d be hard pressed to find a better dry herb vaporizer at this price.

Thanks for watching!

In the box 0:17
Pros/cons 4:20
How to use the Fury Edge 9:44
How to clean the Fury Edge 11:55


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