Cannabinoids (CBD, THC, etc.) are hydrophobic (water-hating, oily) substances and, as such, are not water-soluble. They can, however, be formulated into as water-compatible nanoemulsions and appear water-soluble. Nanoemulsions can be white or translucent.

Benefits of Translucent Nanoemulsions:
Translucent nanoemulsions are kinetically stable formulations with cannabis/carrier oil droplet sizes well below 100 nanometers. They make it possible to:
• infuse water (or another clear beverage) without losing optical clarity;
• significantly increase the bioavailability of cannabinoids;
• accelerate the onset of medicinal action to about 15 min;
• achieve cannabinoid loading of up to 50 mg/ml;
• use sterile filtration to remove any microbial contamination.

Translucent nanoemulsions can be produced at the rate of about 5 L/hour with our BSP-1200 bench-scale ultrasonic processor and STB-2012 stabilizer package. This rate can be increased to about 20 L/hour with our ISP-3000 industrial-scale ultrasonic processor.

The term “water-soluble CBD” has lately been used extensively in the medical cannabis industry. “Water-soluble” means able to homogeneously incorporate into water by separating into molecules or ions (dissolve like sugar, alcohol or salt). Oily substances, however, are repelled by water, which forces them to stay separate from it.

CBD, THC and other oils can, however, be made water-compatible if they are formulated as oil-in-water nanoemulsions, which are stable and visually homogeneous oil/water mixtures. Nanoemulsions can be prepared in concentrated forms (tens of mg/ml) that are fully miscible with water and, therefore, appear water-soluble. In addition, nanoemulsions can be made translucent and practically tasteless, which means that they can be mixed into water without compromising its optical clarity or taste.

Nano-cannabinoid formulations are simple to make with Industrial Sonomechanics’ patented Barbell Horn Ultrasonic Technology and additive packages. Our high-amplitude ultrasonic processors can continuously produce food- and pharmaceutical-grade cannabinoid nanoemulsions on laboratory, bench and industrial scales, guaranteeing reproducible results and superior quality.

Benefits of CBD/THC Nanoemulsions:
-Water-compatible: easily mixed into beverages
-Translucent, low-taste and safe for consumption
-Exceptionally high bioavailability
-Fast onset of action and stable blood level
-High CBD/THC loading capacity
-Enhanced skin permeation for topicals
-Long-term product stability
-Intra- oral, intra-nasal, pulmonary, transdermal

Benefits of Ultrasonic Production:
-Tens of liters (thousands of doses) per hour
-Extremely small droplet sizes (translucent)
-Low surfactant requirements
-Emulsifies all cannabinoids and terpenes
-No damage to any compounds
-Simple, economical and safe processing
-Easy equipment setup and maintenance
-Direct laboratory-to-production scale-up

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