04:12-10:27 – A Rising Threat
How will Louisiana communities adapt to the new normal of rising sea levels? Both Terrebonne and Lafourche Parishes find themselves cited as potential locations facing the threat of rising water levels. Andre Moreau introduces us to the “Sea Level Rise Communities of Innovation” initiative.

10:27-17:53 – “State” Of Depression
The CDC cites Louisiana as having one of the fastest rising rates of depression in the U.S. Natasha Williams talks with a psychiatrist and a mental health advocate about what can be done.

17:53-22:16 – Disaster Volunteers
What does it take to be a volunteer for the American Red Cross? Volunteer recruitment is a major focus for the disaster relief organization in 2020. Hear from a full time volunteer, plus an update on the relief work done in Louisiana.

22:16-25:59 – Vaping in Louisiana
Vaping has gotten more popular…and more dangerous. It started off as a safer alternative for adult smokers but has it now created a new health risk for juveniles?


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