Do you want to know what it takes to start a vape business? Perhaps you would like to start your own company in any sector, then we talk entrepreneurship with Steve Girvan from Grinny Heaths eliquid.

Steve was once a customer of Vape and Juice, now we are his customer, but also a great friend. We do business with people we like, it’s the best way to do business in our opinion. In this new segment, following on from our Doozy Vape interview, we meet with Steve of Grinny Heaths.

A regular gatecrasher to our Christmas bash, we got Steve in the kitchen before our annual party and picked his brains.

Grinny Heath’s eliquid began in business in 2016 and has become an integral flavour line in our Vape and Juice shops since that time. His range focuses on boutique flavourings not found in other eliquids. This ensures a quality and depth that other brand’s struggle to match.

If you haven’t tried Grinny Heath eliquids yet, they are available in all our stores in 50ml shortfill, plus a new 50/50 10ml version is coming out in 2019.

If you run a vape business and have an interesting story to tell, then get in touch.

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