CBD Strain in the video: Lifter

Lifter is Sativa-dominant, making it an excellent choice for those of us looking for mental clarity. A lot of our customers use this strain as part of their morning routine, with some great testimonials. ‘It has an uplifting effect like a cup of morning coffee’ is one of our favorite descriptions so far, and really helps convey what Lifter can do.

Its parentage is top-notch, using the genetics of three premium CBD strains to create this well-loved CBD flower. The flavor has citrus overtones, with velvety-berry notes, and a sweet and toasty base. Lifter also has a high oil content, making it an excellent choice for infusions or CBD edibles.

The CBD content is balanced well at 12.3%, making it a firm favorite amongst the daytime CBD crowd. Sativa CBD doesn’t get much better than this- one customer even described it as ‘smokeable happiness!’. If you’re looking for a mid-strength CBD Sativa with a proven track record for being awesome, Lifter is an excellent choice.

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