Why vape CBD oil?
As you may have noticed, there are many ways to take CBD oil: in oral tinctures and capsules, edible sweets, body creams – and of course you can vape it. With vaping, you get quicker results as it enters straight into your bloodstream, but for a shorter duration, so its effects are more controlled. It’s all about personal preference really.

This brings me to the most important thing I think you should know:

What type of CBD oil should you vape?
There are plenty of CBD vape juices out there. Just make sure you avoid vaping an edible tincture/oil – these are often sold in bottles that look incredibly similar to vape juices – as these may contain MCT, which although coconut-derived is poisonous when inhaled.

And I think it’s vital that you check the labels before you buy if you want to avoid vaping the potentially harmful thinning agents PG and VG. Although classified as safe to eat, some studies have shown they’re carcinogenic when heated and inhaled (vaped).

I’d recommend sticking to vape cartridges which contain only CBD distillate as this has been extracted from the plant through either CO2 or solvent extraction methods and is chemical-free. Again, make sure you check the label before you buy.

Just to let you know, the World Health Organisation reported in 2017 that CBD causes no harmful side effects. But my advice to you is to talk to your doctor before you take any form of CBD, especially if you’re already on any medication, as this could lead to unwanted side effects.

Now I hope you’re ready to make an informed decision about vaping CBD oil. If you have any more questions that need answering, feel free to drop us a line below and I or one of my team will get back to you. And if you found my guide helpful, please go ahead and share.



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