Old Fashioned, Manhattan, Gold Rush, Seelbach, Pink Lady. These are all names we associate with standard cocktail menus. Today, we invite Molly Wellmann, owner of Japp’s, and Bill Whitlow, owner of Rich’s Proper, to look at the influence bourbon has had on the bartending culture and when should you use a particular bourbon in a staple cocktail. We then examine the changes of the season and how tastes change between having something refreshing to dark and oaky. It’s all about cocktails for the right occasion.

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Show Notes:
* Tom Bulleit steps back:
* Castle and Key spillage:
* Willett Distillery Barrel Pick:
* This week’s Above the Char with Fred Minnick talks about the news of the day.
* Tell us about your journey into spirits.
* Was there a moment when you saw bourbon become a staple behind the bar?
* How do you study the history of a cocktail?
* Tell us about the Gin Ricky.
* What are good cocktails for Summer?
* What are the ingredients in your favorite cocktails?
* What is a Clover Club?
* What is a Gold Rush and Brown Derby cocktail?
* What are good cocktails for Fall?
* What is a gateway cocktail to get someone into bourbon?
* What ingredients go in a Seelbach?
* Is it hard to go to other bars and witness bartenders making cocktails improperly?
* Let’s talk about bourbon slushes.
* What do you think of barrel aged cocktails?
* What style of bourbon works well in certain cocktails?
* What’s the ultimate mixing bourbon?
* What do you think about using allocated bourbon in a cocktail?
* Is there a cocktail to make lower end whiskey taste better?
* How do you coverup or reduce negative notes in younger bourbons?
* What do you think of Mint Juleps?
* What’s a good Winter cocktail?
* What about vodka cocktails?
* How do you make an Old Fashioned?
* What proof bourbon do you use in your cocktails?

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