The mini CBDfx vape kit is no longer in stock, please watch our review on the original CBDfx vape kit here:

Ready to start vaping CBD as soon as possible? Everything you need is right here in this box. CBDfx’s all-new, redesigned CBD Mini Vape Kit takes everything you loved about our first model and stacks tons of improvements on top. This compact, sturdy vape comes with a USB charger and refillable pod and boasts multiple power options to dial in that ideal hit. Best of all, it’s universal pod compatible — so you can swap out flavors or e-juices in mere seconds!

➡️What’s included in the Kit?
👉1 x Vape Kit (universal pod compatible)
👉1 x USB charger
👉1 x Ceramic 1.0mL refillable pod

➡️CBD Mini Vape Kit Details:
👉Battery Type: Built-In 400mAh
👉Voltage Output Range: 3.9V – 4.3V
👉Charge Time: 45 minutes
👉Heat Time: Instant
👉Wick and ceramic compatible
👉Battery indicator lights

➡️How is this CBD Mini Vape Kit designed for CBD?
From start to finish, the CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit was built specifically for vaping CBD e-liquid. That means you’ll never experience an unpleasant or carcinogenic burning of CBD vape juice with this Vape Kit — just a smooth, satisfying vapor cloud that lets you experience CBD vape juice the way it was meant to taste! This vape kit heats your CBD e-liquid to the exact optimal temperature for CBD vaping, and not one degree more or less.

➡️How is the CBDfx Vape Kit different from disposable CBD pens?
While our disposable pens are a great option in terms of convenience, on-the-go simplicity, and introduction to CBD vaping, they are not as powerful or cost-efficient as buying your own CBD Mini Vape Kit and CBD vape juices. You’ll have access to a more robust vaping experience that allows you to consume more CBD in each puff (and throughout the day), which results in a more satisfying CBD vaping ritual overall.

➡️What is the difference between the “peak” and “micro” settings?
In an effort to help you calibrate the exact size hit you like to take, the CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit has two power settings: “peak” and “micro.” While “peak” is the standard, powerful vape setting that will let you blow large and satisfying clouds of vapor, the “micro” setting is perfect for when you want to microdose or just get a tiny bit of CBD boost (or if you’re still new to vaping CBD and wanting to see exactly how it affects you).

➡️What do the lights on the Vape Kit mean?
The CBDfx CBD Mini Vape Kit has three battery light settings. Three lights mean the Kit is at full charge; two lights continuously flashing mean it’s currently charging, and one light flashing lets you know that the battery is about to die.

➡️Is this CBD Mini Vape Kit good for beginning users?
Yes! As far as Vape Kits go, it doesn’t get more user-friendly than the CBDfx Vape Kit. With detailed instructions, high-quality hardware, and universal compatibility, this is the ideal first Vape Kit for anyone introducing themselves (or someone else) to the incredibly satisfying — and even life-changing — the world of vaping CBD.

➡️What makes this the best CBD Vape Kit online?
Simply put, we’ve taken CBDfx’s legendary focus on quality and put all of that energy and development into a CBD Vape Kit that will stand the test of time. We took our popular first Vape Kit model and improved it in virtually every way. Thousands of satisfied, repeat customers look to CBDfx for an ultimate, premium CBD vaping experience, and this innovative and sleek new model takes that reputation to the next level!

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