This is Train wreck, by Redecan.


This Sativa cartridge is the introduction to Redecan’s new line up of concentrated vape pens. The THC percentage on this batch comes in at a blistering 83.8 and the CBD is a 0.18%. This 0.45g concentrate was packaged December 12, 2019.
When taking your first 3 second inhale of this product you will notice an immediate head rush followed by an excellent high. The taste of the vapor is less flavorful than other cartridges available, however it is not bad at all. As your high progresses you will find yourself enjoying some humorous thoughts as well as having a feeling of happiness and energy. As the high winds down, you will be met with a calm that lasts a couple of hours. One of the best things about this product is that it is priced incredibly well. Coming in at $49.95 for the starter kit and $34.95 for just the cartridge, it is the best priced cartridge on the market to date. Due to the quality of high, price and quality of the product, the Redecan cartridges have been put at the top of our list for the new 2.0 products. Enjoy.


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