Key Takeaways Blue Bird Botanicals is leading the industry in third-party testing and Lab results, green initiatives and a stand on hemp policy. CBD helps cushion the psychoactive impact of THC on CB1 receptors, making for a less intense ‘high’. Lex has a lot of hope for the 2018 Farm Bill, and believes hemp has widespread uses that will open many market opportunities in the future. Intro Joe interviews Lex Pelger, Science Director of Blue Bird Botanicals, a Colorado-based company. They talk about CBD and the issues with the FDA talking about health benefits. The use cases of hemp and drug war are discussed.

Who is Lex Pelger? He is a Science Director of Blue Bird Botanicals. Lex moves from New York to Colorado. He did a psychedelic storytelling open mic tour (Blue Dot tour) across the USA and it culminated at the MAPS Psychedelic Science Conference. Moved from the hustle of New York to Colorado to have his baby.

The Cannabinoid Lex gets excited the more he learns about how intricate the endocannabinoid system is to humans and all mammals Blue Bird Botanicals doesn’t make any medical claims CDB supports health and homeostasis The cannabinoid system was discovered in the body only 25 years ago Opium and Cannabis were the two oldest plants used in the body There isn’t anyone connection for cannabis, because there are so many receptors in the human body There is a ton of research happening on cannabinoids Lex thinks the research ban on phytocannabinoids is unfortunate Cannabis and cannabinoids are the most studied drugs in the US CBD functions as a homeostasis molecule Anandamide was the first endogenous cannabinoid discovered in the human brain in 1991 by a team led by Raphael Mechoulam in Israel Raphael Mechoulam discovered the final structure of THC in 1963 CB1 Receptor in the brain was discovered in 1991 also

CB1 Receptor If the CB1 receptors are blocked in a human or animal, they won’t get ‘high’ on weed The presence of CBD doesn’t allow THC to fully bind to the CB1 receptor, so when CBD is present in THC, you won’t get quite as high Lex thinks it’s unfortunate that because weed has been in prohibition, it has been bred so hard to only have THC He thinks all weed should have a little bit of CBD to cushion the psychoactive nature of THC

The Endocannabinoid System Joe says there is no profile to test the endocannabinoid system to know if a person is deficient or not, that he knows of Lex says if you get your genetic results from a company like 23 and me, it will tell you about your cannabinoid alleles A bad trip to a young brain can damage it forever The activists that annoy Lex are ones that refuse the obvious negatives Weed should not be given to all children

The ‘Right to Fly’ Jonathan Thompson – Psychedelic Parenting Blog and Podcast How to create community on psychedelics Noah Potter – Psychedelic Law Blog An open-source thought experiment in psychedelic law and policy “This plant is tied down by so many regulations” – Lex In the state of Colorado, you can’t make new genetics Lousy laws made it hard to diversify the cannabis plant Lex believes Aldous Huxley’s book The Island is the best blueprint for what a sane integration of psychedelics and psychoactive might look like. Lex says people taking mushrooms in the woods together is so special, simply because a group of people is spending 6-8 hours with nature and with each other.

Blue Bird Botanicals Many different products – isolates, oils, vape juice, and topicals will be back soon Independent Lab Verification Leading the industry with third-party lab results Transparent about ingredients, NO pesticides used! Paired with Eurofins – world’s biggest testing lab Blue Bird partners with the farmers, packaging partners, etc to be green and more eco-friendly always CEO Brandon hears about a new point of quality to be added, he goes for it Passed 99% inspection quality, CGMP Lex thinks its so nice to work for a company that focuses on giving back to the customers, focusing on employees, quality, the planet, and just giving back

CBD Drug Law Changes in California The regulations restrict being able to add CBD to food, which goes is against the 2014 Federal Farm Bill Blue Bird is on the board for the US Hemp Roundtable – Hemp Policy Jonathan Miller – Lawyer of the group and writer to address misinterpretation of the law “It’s foolish to have the 1950’s 1960’s mindset of cannabis” – Joe

Marijuana vs Hemp Both are cannabis plants Cannabis is the species, THC is more than .3% THC, Hemp is less than .3% THC “If a state inspector comes in and tests 6 samples and the results come up as .4% or .5%, they make you burn it. They don’t burn it for you, you have to burn it yourself while you watch.” – Lex Cannabis is tricky to grow for commercial use It takes 3 generations for the plant to get used to the environment “Thank you, farmers, for being farmers” – Joe

2018 Farm Bill Mitch…


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