Vuse Vibe Vape Pen Vs Vuse Alto Vape Pen
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(18+) This video is intended for adults either 18+ or 21+ depending on where you live.
Vuse Vibe is an e-cig that is slim in design and comes in various e-liquid vape flavors. Vuse Vibe has pens, complete kits, power battery and more.
The nicotine levels in VUSE products are as follows: VUSE Vibe Pre-Filled Tanks: approx. 24mg/ml (2.4% nicotine by weight). The VUSE Vibe gives you a strong nicotine hit, and so is intended for ex-smokers who previously smoked more than a pack a day.
How long does the O2 Vibe take to charge? With the supplied cable, typically less than 2 hours to fully charge.
Particularly, the Vuse lasts for around three hours of continuous, heavy vaping before you will have to recharge the unit. What’s in the Box: Inside the box of the Vuse Systems is a battery, a cartridge, and a USB charger. It is a simple kit that includes only the basic things to get you started.


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