How to refill a Logic Vape Kit easily, is the topic of our video today. You know what we think about closed system pod vapes and today the Logic Compact falls into our cross-hair. Ready, aim, refill. Our short video shows you the simple way to easily turn a Logic ecig pen into a refillable vaporiser.

For this task you will need:
– An optician’s screwdriver. The small flat ones.
– Probably some tissue.
– A little bit of patience.
– A much better eliquid for refilling with.
It takes a little while, but once you nail the task, you have yourself a cheap vape pen that you can refill from a wide number of eliquids. Important to note, these are low powered vaporisers and therefore can only handle thinner higher PG e-liquids. Here’s a link below for you to browse a few:
Starter Eliquids:

Need some advice on nicotine free vape juice. Shop the range below:

Using this technique will allow you to get 5-10 refills before needing to replace the pod for your ecig. Unfortunately we can’t do much about the fact they leak a bit and the charger cable isn’t a micro USB but still this technique should do two things:
1. Save you a hatful of cash
2. Give you a way better vaping experience

Actually there is a third benefit, that is the fact Logic Compact doesn’t offer a very low nicotine strength option. Using this method will enable you to shove in a 0, 3 or 6mg to have an e liquid that is a lot less harsh on your throat. This is a common gripe for users of Big Tobacco owned e-cig pens and this easy way to refill method will cut round that problem. We want to get you off of nicotine eventually, can’t blame them for trying though.

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