How to make THC/CBD WAX with Butane Lighter Fluid at home, with Filtration Solution by Media Bros.

One important thing I forgot to mention was I used a significantly low amount of filtration, just to see how much the texture/color, would change from my previous extractions. I’m planning to do my next experiment, with the proper suggested amount, given by Media Bros., stay tuned for that one….

The properties of THC and CBD far surpass the effectiveness of several over the counter, and prescribed drugs, that are horror, for your liver. Nature made humans and we’re pretty awesome, well some of us, and same goes for this, life enhancing plant nature has provided us. Whatever nature is anyway….smoke up and make weed legal for good….

Optional: Media Bros.
This will remove the darker texture of the wax

All credits for this incredible track go to Kontekst


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