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As you know PODs Kits becomes more and more popular recently like JUUL POD starter kit.
We have designed the world’s First charger for JUUL batteries,and now selling good___the Jili Box
If you are selling JUUL POD kit,then a rechargeable Jili box will be a good to products to hook up your clients.
If you dont sell these kit yet,No worry,you may try a full set for our Jili box with vape pens and Pods.
We design our first JUUL type Vape pen ,JILI pen as well.
Our Jili pen matches JUUL pods;JILI pods Macth JUUL pen in the same way.
We offer OEM/ODM your brand products.
Anyhow Thank you for your time,if any need please contact me anytime when you decided to try our products.
Welcome inquiry!!
Thank you
Big promotion on Jili box charger for JUUL and Jili pen vape device


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