“Two of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to lung cancer have to do with how long someone has smoked and the type of tobacco used,” said Mark Dylewski, M.D., director of robotic thoracic surgery at Miami Cancer Institute.

“The amount of nicotine-equivalent substances contained in the vaping devices so many young people are using is 25 to 50 times the amount contained in a pack of cigarettes. And although someone may have quit smoking traditional cigarettes years ago, the negative effects of the damage they can have do not just disappear.”
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[Mark Dylewski, M.D., Thoracic Surgical Oncologist at Miami Cancer Institute, Chief of General Thoracic Robotic Surgery for Baptist Health’s Center for Robotic Surgery]:
Probably the biggest misconceptions about the risks of developing lung cancer is that, if someone has smoked and stops smoking, many people believe that their risks of lung cancer go down and often return to normal. And that’s completely proven to be untrue.

[Mark Dylewski, M.D.]: The second misconception that I could allude to is the fact that people believe that vaping the new technology is safer than smoking regular tobacco, and their is some truth to that. But vaping is not without inherent risks of developing problems.

[picture of a variety of vaping products]

[Mark Dylewski, M.D.]: The problem with vaping products is that the strength of the nicotine is much higher in a cartridge of vape resin than it is in a pack of cigarettes and may you find that one cartridge contains 25 packs of cigarettes compared to, you know, one or two cigarettes.

[picture of traditional cigarettes X vaping cartridge]

[Mark Dylewski, M.D.]: So the concentration of nicotine that these young adults are getting or these young kids are getting, are increasing their likelihood of becoming dependent on some type of tobacco product.

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