Hey Everyone It’s Jimmy Jam The DaB Man here Today with another Dank Video Review. Todays Review is on a (Hybrid) Skywalker OG by JADE by M.E.D.co (JUUL compatible).

The back of the package states the following:

“Introducing JADE, a premium quality of concentrates with only the best potency and purity on the market unlike anything of its kind. JADE set a standard by offering premium products with a smooth experience”.

Jade by M.E.D.co is JUUL compatible and is Premium UNCUT THC Distillate Made in California.

You can follow JADE by M.E.D.co

JUUL compatible THC cartridge

Skywalker OG (Hybrid)
Premium UNCUT THC Distillate

Skywalker OG by Jade is fire 🔥 this is complete gas ⛽️ Like no joke this is very very high-quality oil Right off the bat looking at the OIL its SUPER THICK and a Beautiful GOLDEN color. I got Ripped and it’s about 45 minutes to an Hour later and I’m still high. The taste of this cartridge taste like premium wax or a Cartridge that you would get from the Dispensary. It really does its like a fresh dab off a nice clean Rig like a Ceramic coil or Ceramic Nail but this is fire 🔥and I’m digging the Taste. I can’t wait to try all the strains that I have on me and in the future get more because these are very very good I’m intrigued on how long they’re going to last me as well considering that they’re not a full gram and only a .7ml …..When Vaping this pod there is like a Subtle sweet Kush taste to it as well as the Fresh clean dab hit. This pod is ON HIT like there is no doubt I will get more of these I’m blitzed. And it only takes a few Rips and 💥 boom your stoned. And the color of this wax is A Beautiful Golden color

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