Waiting to Exhale: Mastering Todayโ€™s Vapor and E-Cigarette Market

The past year has seen vapor and e-cigarette companies come under attack by the FDA, state and local governments but the category is continuing to grow. This panel of industry experts provide you a pathway to success in vapor and ways to up your game, bringing professionalism to your business and tactics to future-proof the vapor and e-cigarette products youโ€™re selling, promoting and marketing today.

Moderator: Brittani Cushman

PANELISTS (left to right):

Chris Howard is Vice President, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer at E-Alternative Solutions (EAS), an independent, family-owned provider of electronic alternatives to cigarettes. In his current role, Mr. Howard oversees EAS legal strategies and policies encompassing brand protection, compliance, strategic partnerships, and regulatory affairs.

Brittani Cushman is the Senior Vice President of External Affairs for Turning Point Brands, parent company of National Tobacco Company, VaporBeast, International Vapor Group, and Nu-X Ventures, of Louisville, Kentucky. Ms. Cushman is responsible for the management of regulatory and legislative issues at both the federal and state levels. Ms. Cushman provides industry leadership among like-sized manufacturers, advising on regulatory issues as they emerge and placing those issues in the context of both the current science and complex landscape of the vaping and tobacco industries. Ms. Cushman currently serves on the National Association of Tobacco Outlets (NATO) Board of Directors, the Vapor Technology Association (VTA) Board of Directors, and the Pipe Tobacco Council Board of Directors. She also participates in the Cigar Association of America and the Coalition of Independent Tobacco Manufacturers of America (CITMA).

Dimitris Agrafiotis is a highly respected and recognized advocate in the vaping industry, known both nationally and internationally for his strong support of responsible regulation and the efficacy of electronic cigarettes as a less harmful alternative to traditional tobacco products. Dimitris brings over ten years of vaping and industry advocacy. He is the Executive Director of the Tennessee Smoke Free Association, CEO of Global eVapor Consulting INC and founder of SEVIA USA, the first Chinese Manufacturers association in the country. He aims to educate and inform the public and legislators on everything from general product information to scientific commentary, federal laws and legislation, and local regulatory issues.


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