On tonight’s #HotboxShow you can expect another packed agenda and a studio full of interesting guests. Jules & Myrtle are at the UN in Vienna so expect a live link with them and a studio guest with a really heartfelt and astounding arrest and release story.

Other stories to amaze and delight you include what’s the weed like in China? is cannabis being colonised?, an update on the weed expo with no weed and are the CDCSA just another generation of wanna be ganja gatekeepers?

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On this #HotBoxShow we catch up on the latest weedly news, tackle the awkwardness of canna colonization, try to beat the load shedding blues, get a peak at the Chinese zol scene and a smattering of drama courtesy of a bust update from #JoinTheQ.

– Saying “High”, guests and gadgets

– The infamous Amber Cup

– DC update live from below the radar somewhere in Europe

– What’s the weed scene like in China?

– Is CDCSA the dagga license gatekeepers?

“It’s now be been mandated that everyone who wants to apply for a growers license must come through us” – CDCSA
“Thandeka Kunene, and the CDCSA do not have ANY mandate from government or the Dagga Culture and legalization movement in South Africa to decide who gets licenses and who do not. And they never will.” – Jeremy Acton

– GrowPro: Transplanting, #FML it’s load shedding time! and how much its costs to grow a gram of dank.
#FreedomFarms grow mix courtesy of GT Hydro

– Bust update from JoinTheQ

– Is canna colonization a bad thing?

– Cannabis Expo is green for go but still not go for green

– 10 million worth of weed found in Joburg CBD (no, not that kinda CBD)


Please watch: “The #HotboxShow Ep 109 Ft. Kulcha Podcast – Part 2”



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