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The most popular pocket vape. Smaller than a credit card yet produces great vapor.
The Suorin Pocket vape gives new meaning to the idea of ‘covert vaping’.

With a size that is just smaller than a credit card, the Suorin Air fits easily into a wallet or pockets.

The Suorin Air does everything a vaporizer should. Plus…

It has a quick charge battery. 30 mins to charge it and it’ll be ready to go for hours.

0:00 – 0:17 Intro
0:18 – 0:33 Unboxing the Suorin Air
0:34 – 1:11 How do you set up a Suorin Air?
1:12 – 1:23 How do you charge a Suorin Air?
1:24 – 1:44 How do you clean a Suorin Air?
1:45 – 2:02 Outro


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