Vapors of Ontario, Canada.. This effects YOU !
Everyone, we need your help !

What you need to know about Bill 174
The Ontario government’s Cannabis, Smoke-Free Ontario and Road Safety Statute Law Amendment Act, 2017 (Bill 174), which was passed in December, makes sweeping changes to how electronic cigarettes are regulated in this province. The biggest effect of the new regulations will be a prohibition on sampling vape products within specialty vape shops, meaning that vape shop employees will no longer be able to demonstrate to their customers how to use the devices, and people will not be allowed to sample the various products that are available to them before they buy.

We need your help to raise awareness and cut through the misinformation. These regulations can be changed, but we need your assistance. We want you to add your voice to the effort to inform candidates in the current provincial election that consumers want effective alternatives to smoking cigarettes and that restricting their access to these products within specialty vape shops by prohibiting sampling is both wrong and counter to the government’s goal of creating a smoke-free Ontario. In fact, vapers should be celebrated for seeking an effective and less-harmful


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