Looking for a CBD oil line that actually works and that tastes even better?

Look no further than the Wellicy CBD Oil line, which can be enjoyed sublingually as a tincture or vaped as an e-liquid.

That’s right, the Wellicy CBD Oil is both an e-liquid and a tincture!

Eden & Ben from Wellicy review the full line of Wellicy CBD Oil by vaping and using it sublingually.

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Discover the wellness benefits of the Wellicy CBD Oil first hand!

The Wellicy CBD Oil is made with CBD Isolate, meaning the entire line is 100% THC Free!

Whether you enjoy vaping your CBD or taking it as a tincture, the Wellicy CBD Oil is for you!

Wellicy CBD Oil Flavor Profiles:

– Wellicy Apple CBD Oil: Not too sour, not too sweet, just crisp and delicious green apples

– Wellicy Blueberry CBD Oil: A mild and sweet blueberry sensation

– Wellicy Grape CBD Oil: Sweet juicy grapes picked fresh from the vine

– Wellicy Strawberry CBD Oil: Lucious strawberries

– Wellicy Unflavored CBD Additive: Unflavored additive

Available CBD Strengths:
– 250mg
– 500mg
– 1,000mg

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