So we took CBD for 10 days to see what happened and here’s what the outcome was. We wanted to know if we would fail a drugs test, so interspersed stupidly with a trip to Amsterdam AND Ibiza, we took CBD every day, using a broad spectrum oil just to see.

What happened? Well you will find out. If you are worried about drugs tests for sports, work or probation, then this video is ideal for you. We got the founder of 420 Brands and our presenter David to take it each day and then take a urine test on camera. YES on camera. Well maybe not exactly like that.

CBD from broad spectrum is the type that is filtered to block out THC the psychoactive part of Cannabis but it still worries many people that it could lead to a failure of a test. That could be disaster if you need a clean bill of health.

So to put your mind at ease, we did it for you.

We want to thank our sponsor Vape and Juice and CBDStar for making these videos possible. Without them, we couldn’t do these stupid tests for you.

Check out the video and any questions give us a yell.
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