What is Vaper’s Tongue? Why you can’t taste your vape:

Have you ever experienced the taste and smell of your vape gradually dull or even disappear entirely? This is a common experience among vapers and is most often referred to as “Vaper’s Tongue”. Vast majority of the time, this is a temporary experience. In this video, we’ll be going over some of the common causes of vaper’s tongue and things you can do to help prevent it.

The most likely cause of vaper’s tongue is Olfactory Fatigue. Have you ever been in a room with a unique smell and then found that you stop noticing the smell after a little time has passed? This is because our brains adapt to a continuous stimulus by becoming desensitized to it. This is to prevent the overloading of the nervous system and allows it to respond to new stimuli that are ‘out of the ordinary’.

So you’re probably just not tasting your vape anymore simply because you’ve been vaping the same flavor too frequently or for too long. Taking a few-day long break from a particular vape juice might be all you need.

However, there are other things that can contribute to vapor’s tongue.

The propylene glycol in most e-liquids is hygroscopic, meaning it removes moisture from your mouth. Having a dry mouth can reduce your ability to taste, so make sure to stay well hydrated.

Good oral hygiene helps with being able to taste as well. Make sure to frequently brush your teeth and tongue to help remove build-up that can form a layer on your tongue.

Perfumers, wine tasters and other people that use their olfactory senses for a living recommend smelling fresh coffee beans. Some studies have shown that doing this will “reset” your sense of taste and will help you regain sensitivity to smells.

If your ability to taste and smell is diminished for a long period of time despite following the steps in this video, it’s recommended you contact a health care professional.

Vast majority of the time, vaper’s tongue is a common, easily fixed experience. We hope this video helps you get the most enjoyment possible out of vaping.

Thanks for watching.

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