Hey Savages,

Today we are taking a look at our Savage CBD vape liquids. We get a lot of questions about these so here is all the information you will need to get started.

First, these products can be vaped, that’s why we made them but they can also be used as a tincture if that is how you prefer to take your CBD.

Second, every product has a QR on the box and label that can be scanned with any smart phone. The code will take you directly to the lab results for that specific product. No more guessing, Savage makes it very easy for you to know exactly what is in your CBD products.

Third, I go over how to find out how much CBD is in 1ml. Just simply divide the amount of CBD in your bottle by the size of the bottle, and that gives you the amount of CBD per ml.

That is it for today, hope this video was informative and helpful, leave comments and questions down below.

Thanks for watching!

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